OppO Family

OppO Recruitment is a member of the OppO Family which also includes JobOppO and The OppO Foundation.

The aim of the OppO Family is to help ex-military personnel, their families and dependents to readjust back into civilian life.

The OppO Foundation is a Not for Profit charity which has been established to help ex-military personnel, their families and dependants to readjust back into civilian life.

Its objectives are to provide support within employment, education, health & housing. OppO has delivered a number of projects across the UK supporting Ex-Military personnel, these have included education programs, raising money and awareness to other military charities, holding charity events, supporting local community projects and more. 

The OppO Group has various projects we hope to deliver in 2015, all of which will make a huge difference to our former military colleagues but most importantly will help change lives. If you would like to find out more about what we do or how you can support our projects please contact us via the contact page. 

Our next military charity event will be held on the 29th January 2015, for more information please go to: OppO Events