Chief Technical Officer

Job Titles:
£60,000 to £70,000 per annum
Benefits included
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Role Profile: Chief Technical Officer

The company develops and produces novel CW Single Frequency, Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers for demanding applications in:

• Leading edge research
• LifeSciences and associated BioMedical areas
• Semiconductor metrology
• Environmental Metrology, and many others 

The company is the only company to be able to configure Continuous Wave, Single Frequency Lasers to uniquely emit at any wavelength covering the spectral range from Near Infra-Red to Ultra-Violet from a single universal technology platform, using proprietary patented BRaMMS technology. This novel patented technology provides reliable, cost effective, compact all-solid-state and class leading solutions for both well established and currently unavailable, but demanded, wavelengths. This opens up applications in portable and remotely controlled systems and devices, which have been never before considered feasible.

Area: R&D and Manufacturing
Reporting to: CEO
Headline mission: Profit-minded product innovation

The company’s CTO has deep insight in the company’s proprietary and patented technologies and its Know-How. The CTO continually stays abreast of cutting edge research and developments in the field of Single Frequency DPSS lasers, and areas of Photonics that might have an impact on the company’s technical direction and growth.

Job Description:

The primary function of CTO is to identify and progress opportunities for delivering BRaMMS and any future technologies, including identification of competitive technologies and products, opportunities for innovation and increase of profit margin, assessment of marketplace obstacles and technical hurdles to the business success, whilst working in close partnership with the company’s management team, and the Board.

The CTO is a member of the senior management team, and is a key influencer of company’s direction, business objectives and their KPIs.

The CTO is a Design Authority accountable for prototyping and design of all company’s products, including optical and opto-mechanical layouts, controlling electronics interface, outline of all technical (SolidWorks and AutoCAD) documentation.
The CTO finds new options and solutions to manufacturing or technological problems, thus ensuring that the company continues to maintain, improve and grow its’ already the world-largest portfolio of CW Single Frequency DPSS lasers.


  • Drive revenues and cost reduction through technological enhancements
  • Offers technological solutions to day-to-day business problems and customers’ setbacks
  • Identify, exploit, integrate new technologies into design and manufacturing processes
  • Build on and expand the existing IP
  • Create and update the company’s technological and technical documentation and implement safeguard processes around it
  • Engage, enhance and maintain strong mutually beneficial relationships with customers, partners and suppliers driving successful long-term business relationships
  • Collaborate with the appropriate teams to assess and recommend technologies that support company product needs
  • Manage the company’s IP/patent issues and IP licensing agreements
  • Communicate the company’s technology strategy to investors, management, staff, partners, customers, and stakeholders
  • Lead the delivery to cost & timescale of R&D projects and customers’ programmes
  • Generate information for company’s technical publications (white papers, blogs, articles, etc.)
  • Required Skills and Experience:
  • Degree (MSc or PhD level) in Lasers /Engineering / Optoelectronics/ Photonics
  • Commercialised R&D results in Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers, nonlinear doubling of solidstate and diode lasers and / or relevant fields
  • Working knowledge of 3D SolidWorks Design, MathCAD and AutoCaD
  • 10 years of relevant industrial experience
  • Ideally, previous SME business/start up experience
  • Leadership, including technical leadership, and management skills

Personal characteristics: Gravitas, a leader, confident, consistent, resilient, innovative, eager, start-up mentality, positive, charismatic, analytical, problem-solver.

External Relationships: optical suppliers, tooling & materials suppliers, electronics suppliers, technology partners, joint R&D project partners, customers.