Head Porter

Job Titles:
Facilities Management, Hospitality, Catering and Life Support
£23,000 to £25,000 per annum
Contract Type:



Job Description: 

The Head Porter is the senior member of staff on site and is responsible for the the smooth running of the building.

Main duties and Responsibilities:

  • To ensure that security is maintained at the building. To take responsibility in a crisis and take appropriate action.
  • To ensure that sufficient cover for both cleaning and portering services is provided at all times in liaison with the Managing Agents. This will include overseeing the work of the afternoon porter.
  • To maintain an effective managerial relationship with the afternoon porter, ensuring that they remain highly motivated and that their work reaches required standards.
  • To ensure that the afternoon porter and any temporary staff are familiar with procedures.
  • To ensure that all staff are polite, positive and courteous.
  • To ensure that the register of contractors entering and leaving the building is maintained.
  • To ensure the security of keys to flats held by staff.
  • To monitor the presence of workmen around the building and supervise their activities to ensure minimum disturbance to residents and damage to the building and its furnishings.
  • To ensure the prompt delivery of mail. To ensure that the registered mail and deliveries register is maintained.
  • To ensure that general telephone enquiries are logged.
  • To deal with administrative matters relating to the management of the building and staff. To work closely with the Managing Agents, keeping them well informed about events and issues which affect the building.
  • To be present at the porters desk when not otherwise engaged.
  • To operate the CCTV security system.
  • To be responsible for the management of the petty cash.
  • To maintain accurate records about each flat including location of shut-off valves/switches for water, gas, electricity; contact details of residents in case of emergencies; status of occupier (owner, tenant etc) and date moved in.
  • To keep all keys well organised and secure.
  • To maintain records of central stores held, ensuring that an appropriate quantity is always available.
  • To manage the daybook where all significant events and issues which arise at the building are recorded.
  • To maintain records of overtime, holidays and sickness of staff and submit the relevant forms to the Managing Agents.
  • Change light bulbs as and when needed, on all landings.
  • Report problems regarding lighting to D&G.
  • Monthly check emergency lighting and keep a log of the outcome.
  • Monthly switch over the air control units.
  • Adjust the security light timer when necessary i.e. in March & October.
  • Call the police requesting removal of any rough sleepers on the terrace.
  • Clean both plant rooms and roof of any rubbish.
  • Check pump room occasionally for problems and rubbish.
  • Get newspapers first thing in the morning and deliver to relevant flats.


Whilst on duty you should be of tidy personal appearance, cleanly shaven and wearing the uniform provided. 

You should refrain from smoking, swearing or shouting, being under the influence of alcohol, behaving unsociably, watching television/other media, sleeping, eating or congregating with others at any time whilst you are on duty.

The security of the building and safety of the residents is of the utmost importance.

You are expected to be courteous and helpful in all reasonable practical ways to all residents and under no circumstances to be rude even when there may have been provocation. In such circumstances the incident should be reported to the Managing Agents in writing.

You should be particularly mindful to give assistance to elderly and infirm residents.

Requests made by a resident to carry out private work may be complied with only outside working hours and must never interfere with your normal duties.