IT Service Asset & Configuration Manager

Job Titles:
Legal, IT, Telecomms and Communications
£60,000 per annum
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Job Purpose Summary:

This is a multi-faceted role, primarily concerned with ensuring that the hardware and software assets required to deliver IT Services are properly controlled and managed, providing accurate and reliable information about those assets when and where needed.

The post-holder will be responsible for optimising the performance of service assets and configurations and optimising any costs and risks caused by poorly-managed hardware or software assets, e.g. fines, correct license fees and failed audits. They will ensure that assets are identified, base lined and maintained, controlling any changes to those items. This includes any interface to internal and external service providers where there are shared hardware or software assets that need to be controlled.

The role is based within the Service Transition team, which is responsible for ITIL-based Change, Release and Configuration Management of the global IT environment, as well as Software Asset Management for primary applications. The team also undertakes IT Service Continuity, ensuring that pragmatic and effective ITSC plans are maintained (and tested) globally. This is undertaken in close cooperation with the firm's central Business Continuity Planning team and the wider IT Operation teams.

The function provides oversight, clarity and control on operational IT Resource utilisation and upcoming demands, as well as maintaining oversight of major operational activities (upgrades, refreshes, Disaster Recovery tests, investment request coordination etc.).

The team also coordinates management information (operational reporting, global KPIs, service reporting etc.) for the operations management team. As well as undertaking wide-ranging support for IT Operations, the function takes responsibility for internal IT communication relating to the day-to-day operations activity and owns the IT intranet site.

The team makes best use of the lower cost locations available to the IT Operation (GSSC, Microland and others where available).

Key Responsibilities

• Work across IT Operations to identify, control, record, report, audit and verify Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) assets, including versions, baselines, constituent components, their attributes and relationships.
• Account for, manage and protect the integrity of those hardware and software service assets throughout their lifecycle by ensuring that only authorised components are used and only authorised changes are made - ensuring every asset is under the control of Change Management.
• Ensure the integrity of the service assets and configurations required to control the services and IT infrastructure, by working closely with Service Design to establish and maintain an accurate and complete Configuration Management System.
• Ensure compliance with existing hardware and software contracts and assist with the negotiation and optimisation of new contracts, working with internal and external service providers and Large Account Resellers as required.

• Own, manage and develop the associated SACM policies and principles, with a clear focus on:

o Ensuring that SACM operations costs and resources are commensurate with the potential risks to services.
o Delivering against strict governance and contract requirements, such as Software Asset Management, Sarbanes-Oxley or ISO/IEC 20000.
o Delivering the capability, resources and warranties as defined by Service level Agreement and Contracts.
o Meeting the requirement for available, reliable and cost-effective services.
o Setting (and realising) clear economic and performance criteria against proposed changes to existing hardware of software assets, which are intended to reduce costs or optimise service delivery.
o The application of continual service improvement to optimise the service levels, assets and configurations.
o Integrating SACM with other key IT processes.
• Contributing to the aims and success of the IT Service Management roadmap, ensuring continual improvement of all processes as the IT organisation develops and evolves.

Skills and Experience

The post-holder should be qualified to minimum of ITIL Foundation (v3) level and ideally possess ITIL qualifications in the field of Service Design and Transition.

Experience and skills

• Demonstrable experience of successfully managing fixed assets with a financial value, ensuring assets are identified, recorded and audited with clear understanding and transparency around purchase costs and depreciation models. For example:
o Working with local teams and using multiple systems to ensure the capture, monitoring and reporting of hardware assets throughout their lifecycle;
o Working with vendors to reconcile discrepancies;
o Working across IT Operations to ensure compliance with existing contracts and assist with the negotiation and optimisation of new contracts;
o Ensuring adherence to environmental, security and data protection standards and regulation/legislation.
• Extensive experience of Software Asset Management and supporting processes and procedures, working alongside a Large Account Reseller and/or major software suppliers to ensure efficient, effective and economic suitability. For example:
o Adherence to legal entitlements of use, identifying and resolving issues; 
o Knowledge transfer to operational teams; 
o Management of software, licenses and codes for activating software;
o The protection and control of those licenses throughout their lifecycle; and
o Experience of large-scale 'True Up' activities and contract renewal.
• Experience of creating and managing a Configuration Management System (knowledge, information and data)
• Strong and structured skills and experience in terms of process management, enabling the smooth support and rollout of new or amended IT Services, Products or Projects globally
• First-class relationship skills, confidence in communicating at all levels globally in IT Operations, Practice Areas and Business Services (including Global Programme Group and IT Architecture) – in verbal and written format
• Excellent service focus, with a demonstrable ability to effect positive change in a global IT organisation.