Laser Engineer

Job Titles:
£25,000 to £28,000 per annum
Contract Type:


Job Profile: Laser Engineer

Area: Production and Testing Reporting: Manufacturing Director

Job Description and Responsibilities:

The role of Laser Engineer is to work on one of company’s BRaMMS DPSS Laser technology engineering lines. This role is within the manufacturing team and requires contributing to the laser development process from ground up, building and testing laser assemblies, setting up testing equipment, documenting and presenting test results.

• Assembly and testing of products, including optic/laser alignment
• Laser set up using sophisticated optical techniques
• Laser calibration using electronic control
• Fault diagnosis
• Completing and improvement laser production documentation
• Analytical result monitoring
• Following clean room procedures and safety guidelines

Educational prerequisite: 

Education: educated to a Master’s Degree level in Science/Engineering or Bachelor’s Degree level in Science/Engineering with 2+ years of experience in laser technology or related fields.

Skills required:

• Good understanding of optics and laser principles
• Good knowledge and hands-on experience in general mechanics and electronics
• Proven experience of aligning and testing opto-electronic/laser equipment
• Ability to work in laser manufacturing lab without detailed instructions
• Ability to work on your own and as a part of a team
• Problem solving
• Strong innovation, analytical and diagnostic skills
• Multi-tasking and prioritizing in order to achieve tight deadlines
• Good written and verbal communication skills