Multi-drop van diver

Job Titles:
£18,000 per annum
Contract Type:


This position is aimed at ex-service personnel or individuals leaving the Armed Forces.

Job Description

Our client is based in Enfield and we are now recruiting for a multi drop van driver to deliver to businesses throughout EC1 - 4 and SE 1 with some deliveries being completed on route back from the City to the EN 1 warehouse. 

Drivers start work at 6am and are tasked usually with a maximum of 35 drops per day although this can be less depending on the size of the individual delivery. The deliveries are made using one of the 3.5 tonne Luton Van’s with a tail-lift.

Dealing with Customers

As a representative of the company your uniform, general appearance & attitude must all be exemplary and you must have a ‘can-do’ attitude at all times. If there is a problem, it is your responsibility to help resolve it, either through your own initiative or by working with the customer or depot to reach a positive outcome. If a customer becomes difficult you should always remain calm, acknowledge the problem & not take anything personally.

Planning a Route

A route should be planned around the parcels you are expected to deliver or collect. Any priority (timed) parcels should be given just that – priority. Routes are normally planned by splitting the parcels in postcode areas.

Deliveries & Collections?

When making a delivery, always be courteous & polite. If a customer is not available to take the parcel it is important that the parcel is not left unattended, unless prior authorisation has been given by the depot. If the delivery is to a business address, wherever possible, you should make the delivery to the named person or department, obtain a signature and the individual’s name written in capitals. You may be asked to collect parcels en route.

Staying within the Law?

When driving, it is essential that you don’t break the law. You should consider the following;

• Your speed.

• Parking your vehicle sensibly.

• Use of hand-held devices i.e. mobile phones, scanners.

You should also familiarise yourself with the Highway Code.

Staying Healthy & Safe at Work

• Be aware of your own and other people’s safety.

• Follow all the health & safety instructions given to you by the parcel company.

• Use health and safety equipment provided to you properly.

• Use any safety clothing issued to you. This could include a high visibility jacket or gloves.?