Security Officer

Job Titles:
£8 to £10 per hour
Benefits included
All Areas
Contract Type:


Location: Various
Salary or Day Rates and overtime rates: Site specific
Benefits: Bonus after 3 month probationary period

Key Duties:

The 'Security Officer' position responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

General Requirements:

  • Be responsible and accountable for all equipment in use or in your care during your shift.
  • Ensure that all tasks given are conducted timelessly and professionally at all times.
  • Report for duty 15 min prior to commencing to receive any briefings from supervisors or management and collect any necessary equipment
  • Uniform must always be properly worn during shift and Hi Visibility clothing must be worn at all times on external points.
  • Ensure that your working environment remains in a clean and operational state.
  • That you do not leave the premises without permission from the duty supervisor or security manager
  • Provide a professional and courteous service to all staff, clients, contractors & visitors at all times
  • Enforce and regulate security procedures, ensuring that staff, buildings, equipment, visitors and information are secure at all times whilst you are on duty
  • Sign the security assignment instructions
  • Assist the Supervisor in executing all reasonable instructions, procedures and policies as per the requirements on site.
  • Conduct a hand over at every duty change, ensuring the oncoming security officer has all the relevant information in regards to that post
  • Report all incidents to client control room immediately
  • Internal Patrols - to be conducted as per site requirements and patrol points
  • External Patrols - to be conducted as per site requirements and patrol points
  • Ensure telephones are answered in a professional and courteous manner at all times, and never release personal information of security staff, client, visitors or contractors.
  • Ensure you test all equipment associated with your person and duty and that it is fully operational. Report all defects to the control immediately upon discovery.
  • Keep documentation clean & professional ensuring that entries are detailed & accurate.
  • All incidents and complaints must be reported to the shift supervisor immediately, including those received or reported to you. In all cases you should complete an incident report to be compiled as part of the overall incident.
  • Rosters must be followed at all times. You cannot shift swap without completing the relevant forms and obtaining prior permission from your shift supervisor/Manager. Time off and alterations can only be authorised by Control room.
  • Comply with your terms and conditions of employment at all times.
  • Attend to reasonable requests quickly and efficiently as directed by the client
  • Do not leave a designated post/position or site without prior authority of a supervisor
  • When your shift is complete you must leave site, unless you have a specific work related need to remain and/or authority has been given from a supervisor or above
  • Comply with any other reasonable supervisor/management request
  • If working nights/weekends/bank holidays you are required to carry out hourly check calls which are logged with Control room.