Service & Workshop Manager - Mongolia

Job Titles:
£35,000 to £40,000 per annum
Transfer Package
Contract Type:


Service and Workshop Manager - Mongolia

Position: Maintenance Expatriate Specialist


Service provider shall provide personnel as contracted labour to perform Services onsite for the Client. Services will include, but is not limited to the following examples:

a) Machine performance and maintenance backlog review

b) Technical support for maintenance team

c) Supervision of maintenance teams as required and instructed by Company Representative

d) Execution of maintenance tasks for repair or breakdown maintenance

e) Training of National team members in best practice troubleshooting and maintenance

Position Requirement:

In line with best practice maintenance, must be leaders in their field of expertise


Will have a recognised qualification in Mechanical Engineering, ideally with a specialization in maintenance.


Will have a high level of awareness of Health and Safety issues (Work at Heights, Isolation of HME, Confined Space Work, Hot Work) and be able to encourage good practice in others.


· Will have significant experience in open pit mining equipment maintenance, in particular with a large fleet of heavy equipment (HME, Drills, Dig units, Fixed Plants).

· Will have worked in different mining conditions, for example in cold or desert conditions.

· Will have a high level of awareness of Health and Safety issues and be able to encourage good practice in others.

· Will have some people management experience and the ability to motivate, inspire and lead multidisciplinary teams.


· Will be adept at working in a team sharing information and expertise with your colleagues.

· Will be able to operate flexibly and sensitively in multi-cultural teams and local environments.

Secondment Period and Roster

Maintenance Specialist required for 6 months period with one month employment contract extended at expiration. The roster schedule is 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off.


$4,500 - $5,200 USD per month

Additional Benefits

a) Tools

b) Site transportation

c) Site accommodation and meals

d) Paid furnished twin apartment for down time

e) 2 return flights back to country of origin twice a year

f) UB-OT-UB flight ticket for rotation leave