Military chiefs thank personnel for Paralympics security

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton (CAS) yesterday visited Hainault and the Olympic Park in Stratford to thank members of the Royal Air Force for their continued support to the London Paralympics Venue Security Force.

ACM Dalton said, "The vital task of the airmen and women in the Venue Security Force is vastly different from their primary day-to-day duties in the Royal Air Force. Nevertheless, their inherent commitment and agility, key characteristics of the modern Royal Air Force, reflect the strong sense of duty I see consistently in our personnel at home, on operations, and that I have witnessed again today."

Having seen the Olympic Park's security procedures at first hand, ACM Dalton was able to witness the positive reaction of the public to his personnel. "It is not often that the public have the opportunity to meet military personnel face-to-face while they carry out their duties," he said. "To hear first hand the complimentary remarks from the public makes me especially proud of my fellow servicemen and women."

Elsewhere, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, Commander JFC, visited HMS Bulwark which is located in Portland Harbour to fulfill the role of providing maritime force elements to support Dorset Police's security plan for the Paralympic sailing events. Here he met the ship's company and was briefed on the Maritime Force's multi-agency, civil/military operation conducted at sea in Weymouth Bay supporting the Dorset Police during this summer's Olympics security operation.

The staff at JFC are currently working to establish full operating capability by April 2013. The creation of JFC was a key recommendation in Lord Levene's Defence Reform Report, which focused on strategic planning and joint operations as part of a wider package of radical reform. JFC is a key part of this process by ensuring we continue to develop close working relationships between the three Services.

With this specific role in mind, ACM Peach was particularly impressed with the way that HMS Bulwark had used its planning and communications capabilities to integrate the Royal Navy quickly and effectively with civilian London Organising Committee staff and local police to provide security for the Olympic and Paralympic events.

He said, "I have always believed that the three military Services are stronger when they work together; Bulwark's versatility shows that this is equally true of UK Defence's support to civil authority."