Search and rescue now 'a recovery operation'

The search for two missing air crew in the Moray Firth is now a recovery operation, officials have confirmed.

Two Tornado GR4 jets from RAF Lossiemouth, in north east Scotland, are understood to have collided mid-air on Tuesday afternoon.

Two of the four air crew involved were airlifted to hospital but there are no details on their condition.

Searches had been made for the other two men but the Coastguard said the focus was now on recovery.

Coastguard spokesman Fred Caygill said: "The search and rescue phase of the mission was terminated at 7.04pm yesterday evening.

"We are now in a recovery phase.

"We stand by to assist the Ministry of Defence in any way that we can if required."

Wreckage from one of the aircraft was recovered by the Buckie lifeboat, the location of the second is not yet known.

Police and the Coastguard have been patrolling shorelines and members of the public have been asked to report any other debris found.